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Brag Tags


These customizable Google Slides template allow you to create the brag tags you need for your classroom.  Your students will work hard, so they can show them off!



Your students will love these brag tags!  Students wear them on dog tag chains that can be purchased at Amazon.  These brag tags are really inexpensive to implement in your classroom.  I have seen these other places, but they were never customizable.  I wanted to provide you with something you can edit to your specific needs. All you have to do is download and start editing.  When you are ready, just print them on cardstock, cut, laminate, and hole punch each one.  Students work so hard to earn these, you won’t believe it!

I created 28 different brag tags in this template.  They include:

  • Perfect Attendance for each month (August-May)
  • Hard Worker
  • Follows Directions
  • Respectful Student
  • Responsible Student
  • Honest Student
  • Thoughtful Student
  • Happy Birthday
  • Multiplication Facts Master
  • Addition Facts Master
  • Showed Improvement on CBA (Science, Math, and Reading)
  • CBA Star (Science, Math, and Reading)
  • First Day of __ Grade
  • Student of the Month

I hope you and your students enjoy these customizable brag tags!


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