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Represent Decimals in Words, Place Value, Models, and Money

Google Slides Task Cards in Action

Explanation of how to complete digital decimal task cards.

The concept for students to Represent Decimals is a new skill for 4th grade (except counting coins and bills). Starting with concrete models is the best place to start. In third grade we used base 10 blocks to add and subtract. In 4th grade we can transfer those base 10 blocks over to decimals. A hundreds block would represent one whole instead of one hundred. A tens block would represent a tenth, and a ones block represents one hundredth.

Often when looking at tenths and hundredths models, students don’t understand that one column or row of hundredths is equal to one tenth. Make sure students understand this. Students need to be able to transfer this into money also.

Tell students that each square in a hundredths block is the same as a penny. Each row of ten is equal to a dime, or ten pennies. Make sure students can transfer knowledge between coins and models. Something that I have notices this year while tutoring 4th graders, is that if they use a place value chart, they tend to get the decimal in the correct place. Please make sure your students are practicing this skill with a place value chat.

A Very Unique Resource!

I am so excited to share this one of a kind representing decimals product with you. This digital Google Slide activity was created to align to the 4th grade Texas state standards. Students will represent decimals in words, place value, models, and money.

Represent Decimals – Tenths

Represent Decimals - Tenths
Tenths Task Card

The Google slide pictured above shows what the tenths task cards looks like. Each card has 6 different parts for students to complete and demonstrate their understanding! Included are 12 different tenths digital task cards for the students to practice. I have completed one section on each task card: Either the decimal word form, money word form, shaded in the models, represented an amount of money using bills and coins, decimal place value chart, or the dollars place value chart. It is the student s job to fill in the incomplete sections.

I decided to include a word bank to aid students with their spelling when writing the decimals and money amount in word form. After writing in word form, the students are able to color the models using the “fill color” paint can feature. Then, drag the appropriate bills and coins onto the workspace. Finally, type the numbers in the decimal place value chart and the money place value chart. I also included a space for them to type the dollar symbol.

Represent Hundredths

Represent Hundredths
Hundredths Task Card

Above it what the hundredths task cards look like. There are 12 slides for the kids to practice representing hundredths. I added more than one hundredths model on a slide, so the kids are able to demonstrate their knowledge of wholes and parts of a whole. These slides have all the same parts as the tenths, but have hundredths models instead.

I am confident that you and your kiddos will love these digital Google Slide task cards as much as I enjoyed creating them! Head on over to my store to purchase this one of a kind activity!

Please share your favorite resources, or ideas in the comments below. The more strategies we have to share with our kiddos, the better!


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