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Make it Easy to Successfully Count Money

I have used several effective strategies throughout my career as a teacher to help kids successfully count money. The more strategies I have in my pocket, the better I am able to reach all students. What works for one student, may not work for another. I will be sharing with you all the strategies I have used, plus one that is new to me and is my favorite!

Hundreds Chart Strategy to Successfully Count Money

I certainly believe, this is brilliant! This strategy was found on Measured Mom’s Website a few months ago. I just wish I had learned about it sooner! In fact, I tried it this year while tutoring second graders, and they loved it! I have added a video demonstrating this strategy. These digital student task cards using Google Slides are now finish, so head on over to my store store and purchase one today.

Successfully Count Money on a Hundreds Chart

“Hairy Money” Strategy to Successfully Count Money

This was my go to strategy for years when I taught third grade. Each hair has a value of 5, so students need to be able to count by 5’s to use this strategy. Students draw circles to represent each coin they have. On each quarter draw 5 lines (hairs), each dime has 2, Nickels have one hair, pennies are bald, so a dot is drawn to remind them to count by ones. Below is a video demonstrating the strategy. I have also added these digital Google Slide task cards to my store.

Successfully count money using the "hairy money" strategy

Add the Value of Each Type of Coin

Some students may be ready to move on from the above two strategies, but still struggle skip counting. For these kiddos I have them write the value all the quarters combined, then all the dimes, next, the value of the nickels, and finally the value of all the pennies. They line them all up and add them using the algorithm method.

Skip Counting

This strategy is the most efficient and for those kids that have the ability to skip count by 25’s, 10’s, and 5’s. I do have students write below each coin the value as they are counting so they don’t forget where they left off. I tell the students to organize the coins from the greatest value to the least value. Using the coins (2 quarters, 1 dime, 1 nickel, and 2 pennies) students begin skip counting… “25… 50… 60… 65… 66… 67”.

Successfully count money using the counting on strategy

These are the strategies I have used and found to be effective. If you have any additional strategies or thoughts to share, please comment below. If you are in need of a math station, I have made one that is aligned to the 2nd grade TEKS. Head over my store to take a look. If you have a need for something different, fill out a special request form and I will create something for you.

What strategies have you used to help your students count coins? Please share them in the comments!


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