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Brag Tags

Fantastic Classroom Rewards that Kids Love!

I have tried many different classroom rewards over the years. Some worked better than others, but this blog post will focus on the classroom rewards that worked best in my classroom. The three best rewards that I have implemented are brag tags, the classroom economy system, and classroom pets.

Brag Tags

Brag tags are inexpensive, and easy to implement! Students love to earn these brag tags. I purchased these dog tag chain ball necklaces from Amazon for each child. Sometimes I hung these on a bulletin board on push pins, other times students hung them in their cubbies on a hook. Brag tags always stayed at school until the end of the school year. It was then, they could take them home. The brag tags fit perfectly in this plastic storage drawer organizer I found on Amazon. The organizers come in different sizes. Be sure to purchase one that has enough drawers for the number of brag tags you decide to have.

Every student starts with the first day of school brag tag on their necklace. Each time a student did something that earned them a brag tag, I handed them one and they added it to their necklace. Some students wore them, others just enjoyed seeing how many brag tags they could collect. When I catch one student following directions, all I have to do is hand them a brag tag, and thank them. All the rest of the students quickly changed their behavior hoping to receive a brag tag too. Students loved wearing them around the building and sharing with teachers all the tags they had earned.

Classroom Rewards: Economy

Another behavior incentive I used in the classroom was paying students with play money. This incentive also helped students how to count money. I always used coins and bills to pay students in third grade. I used this money tray to keep the coins and bills organized. Students received money for coming to school, good behavior, completing work, participating, etc… Basically, you can pay them for anything you want. Students also had fines to pay for inappropriate behavior.

I always created a list of ways to earn money and also a list of fines with the students. I posted these in the classroom where all could see. We also had a “store” in which students could purchase items such as candy, and small toys every other week. I started with allowing them to buy one item until they became better at counting money. They had to be able to count out the exact amount of money, or be able to tell me how much change they would receive.

Halfway through the year, got to purchase two items. They again had to tell me how much they were spending in total, and count out the appropriate amount of money, and how much change they would receive. I always had some parents that were happy to donate items to sell in the store.

Desk Pets

These cute desk pets are such a hit! I actually included them in my store. Students bought them with the money they earned in class. I also had “food” and “houses” for the pets for sale in my store. The animal and food puzzle erasers can be purchase here on Amazon. The plastic storage containers I used for the homes are on Amazon also.

Students were allowed the keep the pets on their desk (in their “house”) during class as long as it was not a distraction. I also informed the students that these special pets do not like noise. When the students get too loud, everyone’s pets went inside their desk to be protected from all the noise. Pets are allowed out of their “houses” during free time, or recess only.

Which ever classroom reward system you implement, you must be consistent. Consistency is the key to any well managed classroom. In my opinion, all of these classroom rewards are highly effective, but if you are looking for something inexpensive, the brag tags are the way to go! Head on over to my store and purchase your customizable brag tags for only $5.00.

If you have any classroom reward ideas that have been successful, I would love to hear them! Please share them in the comments.


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