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2.2A&B Place Value Task Cards


Google Slides Digital Place Value Task Cards



These Google Slide Digital Place Value Task Cards are fully editable. Included are two separate files.


1. Student Task Cards:

  • Student Directions
  • 20 different Task Cards
    • a place value chart for students to write in the name of the place
    • place value discs to move onto the place value chart
    • a list of number words to help students write each number in word form.
    • boxes to write out each number in expanded form.


2. Teacher Master – (Makes a great interactive whiteboard lesson)

  • Teacher Directions
  • Template to create your own questions


You can choose to add the digits in the place value chart, the number written in word form, give an amount of place value discs, or give the number in expanded form. Then the students fill in the rest!


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