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Counting Coins Task Cards (TEKS 2.5 A&B)


2nd grade counting coins math station – (1 Teacher License)


This counting coins math station is aligned to the 2nd grade Texas TEKS.  I have included:

  • directions
  • student work mats – hundreds chart and two different place value charts (one with and one without decimals)
  • 0-9 number tiles that also include a dollar sign and a cent sign tile
  • 3 different strategy anchor charts for the students
  • 20 task cards (each task card has a picture of coins that are actual size)
  • student answer document
  • answer key

With everything included, this station is quick to assemble.  First print, cut, and then laminate the task cards and number tiles.  then laminate the anchor charts and student work boards. Next, organize everything in a bin with baggies. Finally, add some manipulative money, whiteboard markers, and pencils. Your station now is complete and ready to go!  This is excellent to use for instruction during small group, then move it to a station for continued practice.


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