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3.4C Counting Money


These Counting Money Task Cards cards are aligned with the 3rd Grade TEKS and you get 3 different formats: Google Slides, Google Forms, and printable slides.

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I created these digital counting money task cards using Google Slides.  Students can use the virtual coins to help them count up the correct amount of money.  Five task cards tell students which coins and bills to use, then they determine the value of all the coins and bills.  The next five task cards, the students are given the bills and coins then through a word problem are asked to add or subtract.  The Last 5 task cards are multi-step word problems that involve adding and subtracting.  An answer key is provided for you.  I also included printable task cards and Google Forms self-checking task card versions. You get all three for the same low price!

I hope you enjoy these task cards!


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