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Editable Fractions Vertical Alignment


This editable fractions vertical alignment was designed to help fill in gaps for students struggling with fractions.  Eight pre-assessments are included.



Are your students struggling with fractions?  This vertical alignment is designed to help fill in gaps.  This product will come in very handy when planning for small group instruction.

The TEKS are organized into eight different topics. Each topic is vertically aligned, so you can see what students were previously taught. You can look ahead to see the expectations for the next grade level.  In Addition, I created eight pre-assessments.  There is one pre-assessment for each of the eight topics. 

This product includes two different Google Documents.  The first document includes all eight pre-assessments.  I included the standard with each question, so you would easily see what students have already mastered. The pre-assessments are editable, so you can create post-assessments too!  The second document is the vertical alignment. I included common misconceptions and teaching tips.  Below is the list of topics:

  1. Representing Fractions
  2. Fractional Parts
  3. Concrete Models – Represent a Whole and Beyond
  4. Compare Fractions
  5. Equivalent Fractions
  6. Compose/Decompose/Add/Subtract Fractions
  7. Relate  Decimals to Fractions
  8. Add and Subtract Whole Numbers, Decimals, Fractions, and Rational Numbers


Be sure to check out my blog that discusses using grid paper to solve fractions problems.


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