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Digital Teacher Planner


Unique Digital Teacher Planner – Not Grade Specific



This unique Google Sheets digital teacher planner will save you so much time! Everything you need is all in one place. You get FREE updates every June. I have designed this so a self-contained teacher, or a teacher that teaches up to 3 different blocks can use this. It is fully editable.


This teacher planner has a lesson plan template that can by used by any teacher at any grade level in all states.

I linked the cells from the “class list” to the “student passwords”, “parent information”, “seating charts”, “health information”, “gradebooks”, “student data”, and “parent contact logs”. All you need to do is type your student names on the “class list” tab, and then the names will appear on each of the other tabs. I linked the “parent information” tab to the “parent contact log” also.


Included in This Product:

  1. 5 Different Covers to choose from
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Event List (These events are automatically added to all calendars)
  4. Dynamic 12 month and 12 monthly calendars
  5. Lesson Plan Template with dropdowns to add Depth of Knowledge questions.
  6. Class List
  7. Student Passwords
  8. Parent Contact Information
  9. Parent Contact Log
  10. Student Birthdays
  11. Student Transportation
  12. Weekly Reading Small Group Plans
  13. Weekly Math Small Group Plans
  14. Student Pull Out Schedules
  15. Student Data
  16. Seating Chart
  17. Attendance/Gradebook
  18. Class Schedule
  19. Student Health Information
  20. To Do List
  21. Student Accommodations
  22. Meeting Notes

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