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Respond to Reading and Become a Better Reader (PDF & Digital Journal)


These Respond to Reading cards include 13 different thinking strategies.  In this set, are a printable set of cards and a digital response journal.



These respond to reading cards will help improve student comprehension and response skills.  They are aligned to the Texas TEKS for grades 2-5.  I have included 13 different thinking strategies to practice. The following thinking strategies are included:

  • Determine Author’s Perspective
  • Type of Mind-Work (visualizing or making a list)
  • Central (Main) Idea
  • Learn New Information
  • Check Comprehension
  • Ask Questions
  • Make Connections
  • Figure out Meaning of New Words
  • Make a Prediction
  • Summarize
  • Pronounce New Words
  • Get to Know the Character
  • Read as a Story & as Informational


Each page has 6 cards with the same thinking strategy.  I have also included 3 pages of mixed strategies for individual use. Just print enough copies on cardstock and cut apart.  Check out my blog post to find out how I implemented it in my classroom.  I hope you enjoy using these cards as much as I have!

I have just added a Google Slide Digital Journal that has all of these cards.  Each journal page has a different thinking strategy in the templates.  Kids just choose the strategy they want to write about and add that template.


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