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Valentine’s Day Reading Passages


The History of Valentine’s Day – 5 differentiated reading passages with basic comprehension questions (grades 1-5). Side by side passage & question format.



I created these differentiated reading passages for the purpose of finding text evidence to support an answer.  I included 5 different passages all about the history of Valentine’s Day.  Each passage is written for a different level (grades 1-5).  Grade 1 has 5 multiple choice basic comprehension questions.  Grades 2-5 each have 8 multiple choice & 2 short constructed response basic comprehension questions.  The passage is printed a second time next to questions 6-10, so the students don’t have to scroll to the previous page, or look at another piece of paper.


These Google Docs are fully editable. You can adjust them to meet your students needs.  You can either print or have your students practice online.  Either way, they can highlight text evidence and choose the correct answer.


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